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Handmade soaps

Our feature soap this summer is desert-rose. It smells of relaxing lavender, and it has the skin hydrating benefits of the pink clay.

Wonder soap

Best shave ever

This soap has a mixture of essential oils, aloe juice, and clay, which will make your skin look sharp after shaving and also feel refreshed and toned. The soap provides great slip for shaving and avoiding skin irritation.

Skin Lotions

Our body lotion featured this summer is just-relax. It has a relaxing lavender aroma and it has skin hydrating benefits from the sweet almond oil.


Ninja Smell



Just Relax



Almond Addict



Coco Bongo

Wonder Combos

Softest skin

We all want a soft and moisturized skin. This selection of products will help you obtain it thanks to the organic coconut milk used in the soap and vegetable oils contained in the body scrub.

Body Scrubs

Our body scrub featured this summer is just-relax. It has a relaxing lavender aroma, skin hydrating benefits form the coconut oil, and gentle exfoliating Caribbean sea salt with skin lovin’ minerals too!

stress be gone!


This great combination is one of our best sellers and for a reason, the relaxing aromas from the Lavender and Patchouli essential oils and moisturizing ingredients transports you into a stress free & great skin mood that will leave you floating. 


1-Get a lil piece of the lip balm in your palm.
2-Add a lil bit of brown sugar.
3-Mix it together and rub it on your lips gently in circular motions.
4-Rinse off and enjoy super soft lips!